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How does commissioning me work?

You have an idea for an illustration or an animation and would like me to draw it. That’s great! I’d love to discuss your idea with you. I have a standardized process that I go through with most clients and leaves everybody happy. To give you an idea, read on what a process of commissioning custom art is usually like:

1) Once we agree on pricing and terms, I’ll send you my General Terms & Conditions and a short contract outlining rough planning and usage rights, pricing etc. Just to make sure we’re clear on all the important bits.


I require 50% of the payment upfront. If for any reason I couldn’t start or couldn't finish due to some unforeseen event I will refund this payment fully. I use Wise or Paypal for payments.

2) After I've sent you your first sketch you're able to give me any feedback you might have. There are up to 2 iterations possible at this stage.


Please don't be hesitant with feedback, tell me anything you don't like and would like to have changed. I want you to be 100% happy with your commission.

3) After you give me your feedback I’ll create an almost finished version of the piece that should give you a good idea of the final look of the piece.


When I send you the preview of the semi-final piece you can give me feedback such as “can we give person C some simple earrings” or “can her shirt be blue instead of green”, there are 3 free revisions at this point.

Changing full poses or position changes at this point would be out of scope and if you’d really like to change something, we’ll discuss pricing on that.

4) Once I’ve incorporated your final feedback, I’ll send you a final preview of the finished piece and the final invoice.

After I’ve received payment in full, I send you the hi-res file!

Ready to commission or have some questions? Feel free to mail me at

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